Dear customers,

We have good news for you!  We have finished our phase-1 renovation and Kooky Chicken is now in full operation again.  We have not only done a complete cosmetic makeover for Kooky Chicken, but also installed new equipment to speed up our processes while maintaining the high quality of our food!  To show our appreciation for your patience during the renovation and your support over the last 2 years, we offer a free soda with every meal ordered from now till the end of March, 2018.   Please watch for our phase-2 expansion which is coming soon.  We will expand our space by taking over the unit next to us to make for more sitting space in a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

Come check out some of our new dishes.  One of the item is Authentic Vietnamese Pho (pronounce fuh) with fresh rice noodles (bánh phở) and a savory soup stock.

Thank you so much and it is a pleasure to serve you.