Kooky Chicken

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We specialize in gourmet food, hot and juicy, made to order from natural ingredients… nothing pre-processed. All our frying uses 100% peanut oil (nonGMO) and our chicken is pressure fried (broasted) to provide that shatteringly krisp krunch good fried chicken demands! We source our lean beef from local Northwest farms, all natural, hormone and antibiotic free. To make your dining experience unique, we pair our burgers and chicken with our special, homemade sauces, so mix, match, ‘n munch!
  • Kooky Chicken

    Broasted in 100% peanut oil, Kooky Chicken's signature chicken retains a more succulently moist interior and shatteringly krisp, less greasy, golden exterior than regular fried chicken thanks to the unique technique of deep frying in combination with pressure frying. We don't pre-cook, so that means no soggy heat-lamp chicken; however, it does take about 15-20 minutes for your order to cook, so if you're in a bit of a time krunch, just call ahead! 

  • Double Fryer

    • Dark, 2pc 6.95
    • White, 2pc 6.95

    A two piece dish of either tender dark meat (a thigh and leg) or succulent white meat (an oversized breast in two pieces) served with your choice of one specialty sauce.

  • Half Henny

    • Dark, White 4pc 11.95

    Looking for a little more? Our Half Henny is just what it sounds like, half a chicken! This four piece chicken dish (leg, thigh, 2 piece breast) is broasted to perfection and served with your choice of two specialty sauces.

  • Mother Klucker

    • whole chicken, 10pc 20.95

    Half a chicken still not quite about the whole thing! This Mother Klucking dish boasts a hearty meal of 10 piece chicken served piping hot with your choice of three specialty dipping sauces.

  • Chicken Strips

    • Chicken Strips 3pc 6.95

    Three large, thick, all white meat chicken strips hand-dipped in almond milk and fried golden brown. Try it with our honey mustard or your choice of specialty sauce.  

  • Chicken n Waffles

    • Dark 2pc w/ waffles 8.95
    • White 2pc w/ waffles 8.95
    • Strips 3pc w/ waffles 8.95

    It starts with your choice of our dark or white broasted double fryer or our tasty strips; then, is perfectly complemented by 3 waffle sticks for easy dipping.  Comes with choice of one specialty sauce and one house infused maple for dipping or pouring over the whole dish.

  • Kooky Wings

    • 6pc 6.95
    • 12pc 11.95

    Krispy fried chicken wing pieces tossed with your choice of Bourbon BBQ, Krazy Hot, or Pho Sauce. More of a dipper?...feel free to have the sauce on the side! 

  • Fried Chicken Gizzards

    • 10oz 3.95

    Krispy fried chicken gizzards (10oz of pieces)

  • Kooky Nuggets

    • 10pc 4.95

    Love the Chicken Strips...but wish you could get more of that krispy golden crust? These little golden all white meat nuggets pack all the flavor of our chicken strips in dippable bite-sized pieces.

  • Krispy Chicken Burger

    • Chicken Burger 7.95

    How can chicken strips get even better...put 'em on a bun! Piled high on a grilled pub bun, a golden-crusted, tender, all white filet is topped with pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, and our house-made BBQ ranch sauce. Served with a small side of our koleslaw which truly finishes the burger when placed on top!

  • KC's Krispy Banh Mi

    • 7.95

    Take our tender hand-battered strips and give them a seat among the delicate melody of Banh Mi flavors and what do we have?...KC's Krispy Banh Mi! Just like with our authentic Vietnamese Banh Mi's, this new Kooky fusion boast homestye pickled daikon and carrot, fresh cilantro, krisp cucumbers, spicy jalapenos, and our golden fried chicken strips atop that crisp, fluffy Vietnamese baguette. 

  • KC's Krispy Salad

    • 7.95
  • Sides & Sauces

  • Garlic Spuds

    • Small 1.95
    • Large 2.95

    Keeping with that Kooky Spirit, we've got something a little different here for you...round cut spuds! Twice fried to provide that crunchy, golden-brown exterior and fluffy, melt-in-your mouth interior, our spuds are sprinkled with a perfect blend of garlic and salt to make the perfect compliment to any signature entree.

  • Yam Spuds

    • Spuds 2.95

    Tired of plain potato? These little guys pack all the golden krispness of our garlic spuds, but with three times the nutrition and just a hint of sweetness.

  • Potato Salad

    • Small 8oz 3.95
    • Large 16oz 5.95

    This one's another family special! Tender white potatoes folded gently into a creamy, homemade, German-style dressing with hickory smoked bacon crumbles, crunchy dill pickles, and velvety egg slices.

  • Koleslaw

    • Small 8oz 3.95
    • Large 16oz 5.95

    Fresh, homemade, never store-bought, our Kreamy KoleSlaw features a blend of crisp, tender red and white cabbage, shredded carrot, and raisins tossed with a sweet, tangy dressing to pair perfectly with any Kooky entree.

  • Tempura

    • Small 3.95
    • Large 5.95

    Inspired by our Vietnamese side, enjoy your choice of green beans, yams, or eggplant hand-dipped in our light tempura batter and 

  • Waffle Sticks

    • 3 sticks w/ dip 3.95
    • 6 sticks w/ dip 5.95

    Made with 100% real butter, the golden, griddled little sticks make the perfect complement to any main...especially the chicken! Served with your choice of our specialty house infused maples!

  • Crispy Egg Rolls

    • 2 rolls 2.95
    • 3 rolls 4.95

    Fried as shatteringly krisp as our chicken, these little rolls make the perfect side or starter to any kooky meal..try them with some of our Kooky Fusion items!

    –Pork and vegetables
    –Tofu, taro root, & vegetables

  • Pan Fried Pot Stickers

    • 6 pc 6.95

    Golden pan fried on one side and gently steamed on the other, each sticker retains that authentic balance of warm softness with a toasted crunch. Served with a side of our savory potsticker sauce.

    – Chicken and vegetables
    – Tofu and vegetables

  • Specialty Sauces

    • 2oz 95 cents

    Kooky Sauce- Our signature house sauce...Great on chicken, burgers, spuds...just about everything!

    Honey Mustard- The perfect blend of sweet clover honey, yellow mustard, and a tad of this and that to make a lovely complementary dip for your chicken--in any form!

    KC's Krazy Hot- Delicate palates BEWARE! Great on just about everthing!

    Maple Syrup - classic maple syrup


  • Kooky Burgers

    Sourced from local Northwest Farms, our lean 1/3lb beef patties are both hormone and antibiotic free and topped with all the goodies! Try some of our tested and KC-approved cominations or feel free to ask for any extras!

  • Bacon Cheese

    • 7.95

    This one's pretty self-explanatory, but a true classic! Piled high atop a hot grilled pub bun,  a 1/3 pound beef patty pairs perfectly with the hickory-smoke of the bacon, creamy spice of pepper jack cheese, and sweet tang of kooky sauce . Topped with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and onions. 

  • Mushroom Swiss

    • 7.95

    Layered on a golden grilled pub bun, this Kooky classic gains its signature flavor with the tart creamy bite of Swiss, savory griddled mushrooms, and tangy kooky sauce. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and onions.  

  • And More

  • Chicken wrap

    • 2 wraps 7.95

    Looking for some chicken but not the 'fried'? Try our Chicken Wraps filled with a flavorful blend of tender, all white chicken pieces, sweet grilled onions, and fresh seared bell peppers sealed into two warm, grilled-pressed flour tortillas. Served with a side of fresh creamy salsa for topping.   

  • Fish & Chips

    • Fish and Chips 9.95

    Half a pound of fresh, cold-water cod hand-dipped in a light beer-batter to generate that perfect crispy, golden fried  exterior and flaky, moist interior. Served with garlic spuds, tartar sauce, and fresh-cut lemon wedges.  

  • Vietnamese Tastes

  • Chicken Phở (Phở Gà)

    • soup bowl 9.50

    Though slightly more delicate than is beef counterpart, our chicken pho holds nothing back in flavor. Authentic homemade bone broth ladled over lean white breast meat, hot rice noodles, crisp bean sprouts, sweet basil, and fresh jalapenos for just a tad kick of heat. Served with a wedge of lime.  

  • Spring Rolls

    • 2 Rolls 4.95

    Krisp romaine lettuce, thai basil, fresh cucumbers, rice noodles, a dash of cilantro, and your choice of shrimp and charisu pork, hot grilled chicken, or charisu fried tofu all hand-rolled in a delicate rice paper and served with our savory house peanut sauce.

    – Shrimp & pork
    – Grilled chicken
    – Charius Fried tofu

  • Vietnamese Baguette (Bánh Mì Baguette)

    • Baguette 5.50

    Tentatively considered one of the World's Best Sandwiches, the Banh Mi is a true product of cultural and culinary blend...and our baguettes definitely live up to their name! This is not your ordinary turkey club, the delicately orchestrated combination of savory, sweet, hot, cold, crunchy, and pillowy soft play in perfect harmony. Boasting pickled daikon and carrot, fresh cilantro, cucumbers, jalapenos, and your choice of house-marinated meat all layered atop a crisp, but incredibly soft, toasted Vietnamese baguette. 

    – Chasiu pork & special Vietnamese ham
    – Grilled chicken
    – Chasiu tofu
    – Lemon grass tofu

  • Phở Wrap

    • 8.95